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Hardware Hacking Training

Hardware Hacking Training

Joe Grand’s Hands-on Hardware Hacking Training teaches techniques to explore, manipulate, and exploit electronic systems.

The two-day comprehensive introductory class covers the hardware hacking process, including product teardown, component identification, circuit board reverse …

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8 Nov

Hardware Security Training

Bently Reserve
San Francisco, CA

Joe Grand will conduct his two-day “Hands-on Hardware Hacking Training” course.

Company News

Joe Grand Writes Foreword for Electronics for Kids

Joe Grand of Grand Idea Studio has contributed the foreword for Electronics for Kids: Play with Simple Circuits and Experiment with Electricity! Written by √ėyvind Nydal Dahl and published by No Starch Press, the book demystifies electricity with a collection of engaging, hands-on projects. Joe’s foreword reminiscences about his childhood experiments¬†and inspires readers to explore the wonderful, wild world of electrons. [ continue ]


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